Food & Fun in Toronto

One of my favorite places to visit is Toronto, Ontario.  I’m lucky that its only about two hours away, because it is an awesome multi-cultural city!  My husband and I went there recently, mainly to see the Medieval Times Tournament.  We stayed overnight in a condo right in the middle of the downtown area that we found on Air B&B.  If you haven’t heard of Air B&B, it is a great website that connects travelers with people who are looking to rent out all or part of their homes.  Usually people rent out the homes they live in, but this time we found someone who rents out a condo he owns but doesn’t live in.  We got a great deal and parking was included (if you’ve ever driven in a big city you know how much parking can end up adding to your budget!).  Each person has a profile on and has reviews of the times they’ve stayed or hosted- here is mine!

This was a pretty quick trip for us.  We got on the highway at 10am and arrived just in time to have lunch, so we headed straight to Kensington Market.  It’s not a market like you’d usually think of one- it is a neighborhood with lots of unique shops and places to eat.  We always go to the same place in Toronto to get tacos al pastor- this type of taco is hard to find in regular Mexican restaurants!  However, I’ve been wanting to go to this grilled cheese place too (aptly named The Grilled Cheese).  I had the great idea to split a grilled cheese, walk around Kensington Market, and then to get tacos for part two of lunch.  When we make foods for ourselves at home, we try to keep it organic and healthy…but on vacation we go all out!

Gooey cheese & bacon deliciousness
IMG_0532 - Copy
Sandwich from The Grilled Cheese
Tacos Al Pastor
Those are pineapple bits in there!
Churro for Dessert

While on our walk, we went by the most amazing murals that were done by a neighboring school in Toronto…

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