No-Tie Elastic Shoelaces Giveaway

I’m partnering up with Lemon Hero to give away a pair of no-tie elastic shoelaces to TWO lucky Sweetly Surreal Life readers.  Enter to win at the bottom of this post!

 These shoelaces are super easy to install in any pair of sneakers or hiking boots, and they make taking your shoes on and off a breeze.  Once you install them, they’ll keep your shoes on securely but won’t pinch your feet.  These laces are thicker than other brands of no-tie laces, and the plastic bits that secure the laces are very high quality.  They’re nice for hiking shoes, water shoes, or winter boots because they are waterproof.  I love that they come in eight different colors, so you can be sure one will match with your fave pair of shoes.

Here is a photo the before (top) and after (bottom) with these laces.  Once I put the new laces on both of my shoes, I wore them on two international flights.  I’ve taken two place trips a year since I was a small child, and I have to say my #1 rule of air travel is to always wear sneakers because you never know when you’ll have to run. These laces make my shoes super comfy, which is important because my feet get a little bloated when flying all day.  Also, they were easy to get into and out of, so going through the security checkpoint was a breeze! I didn’t even have to sit down to put my shoes back on.

elastic shoelaces

These laces are also great for:

  • People who need to get out the door in a hurry
  • Kids who haven’t learned to tie shoes yet
  • Special needs folks or seniors with pain or trouble tying or untying knots
  • Really anyone!

no tie shoelaces

Click below to enter here through Sept 25, 2015 because we will be drawing two winners who will each receive one pair of No-Tie Elastic Shoelaces in the color of their choice.
No-Tie Elastic Shoelaces Giveaway (two winners!)

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Beauty Infusion GIVEAWAY and Review

I think everyone has wished that healthy things to eat tasted like candy.  If you try Neocell’s beauty supplements, your wish might come true!  I tried out NeoCell’s Beauty Bursts and not only are they formulated to help nurture skin and nails, they taste yummy too.

neocell products

The Beauty Bursts are gourmet collagen soft chews. This beauty supplement contains Collagen Types 1 & 3 (to rebuild your skin), hyaluronic acid (to hydrate the skin), and vitamin c (to build up your collagen).

beauty vitamins

The flavor I tried was super fruit punch, and they tasted pretty good.  They are a little tart, but I actually like that.  The consistency is a lot like Starburst candy.  The package shows them as being bright red, but mine looked more orange.  I contacted the manufacturer and they couldn’t give any explanation, but seemed to say that the color variation was normal.

beauty bursts

I also got NeoCell’s Beauty Infusion in tangerine twist.  It’s a drink powder that has the same ingredients as the soft chews but it also has some added beauty extras, like biotin (to help grow strong hair and nails) and alpha lipoic acid (to protect from free radicals).  If you’re not into using it as a drink, they have a recipe on their blog that can tell you how to turn it into jello!  That sounds like a lot of fun.  Imagine taking your vitamins in a jello shot every morning (without alcohol, of course)!

If you want to get started on this new beauty routine right away, NeoCell has $1.50 or $2 off printable coupons on their facebook page.  You can find the their products at CVS and GNC stores!

NeoCell has nicely offered to sponsor a giveaway at Sweetly Surreal Life of one package of Beauty Bursts and a one month’s supply of Beauty Infusion beauty supplements.  That’s an over $50 value!  Enter using the gleam app below through June 23, infusion prize pack giveaway
Beauty Infusion Prize Pack (ARV $54.94)

I hope you enjoy these tasty vitamins as much as I did!  Treat yourself to a soft chew after dinner and you won’t even need dessert!

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**I received this product in exchange for writing an unbiased review. All opinions are my own.  To read more reviews or to buy, please visit the sponsor’s page **

Enjoying Tea Tasting Set GIVEAWAY

If you read my review of Enjoying Tea, you’ll remember that I absolutely loved the tasting set of 6 sample size teas that I received from them.  I was able to get about 3 cups of tea from each tin!

Now I am hosting a giveaway for a sampler pack like the one I received!

One winner will receive a tasting set with 6 assorted tins of tea.  Enter to win by flling in the rafflecopter form below by June 24th, 2015!  Open to US/CAN.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

tea sampler tins, tea giveaway
The tins I got in my sampler
enjoying tea jasmine green tea, tea giveaway
Jasmine Green Tea
rooibos tea cup, tea giveaway
Cup of Rooibos Tea

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Bella Organics Vanilla Mint Deodorant Creme GIVEAWAY

Enter the giveaway up here; read the review for this product below!  One winner will receive the larger 2 oz size of the Vanilla Mint Deodorant.

giveaway, bella organics, natural deodorant creme

Bella Organics Vanilla Mint Deodorant Creme Giveaway!

I am always looking for a more natural deodorant, but it is tough to find one that really works.  So I was pretty stoked when  Bella Organics Vanilla Mint Deodorant Creme arrived in my mailbox.  When I opened up the package there was a nice insert that gave me the lowdown on switching to natural deodorant from my regular old antiperspirant.  I was happy they included the insert because I learned a lot!

According to Bella Organics, if you switch to a natural deodorant it can take 4-15 days for your body to detox.  During this time it might seem like the new stuff is not working, but it’s just because your old anti-antiperspirant worked by prohibiting natural sweat gland function.  The non-natural kind blocks up your pores and shrinks them too, using aluminum, which new research has shown to be linked to diseases like breast cancer and Alzheimer’s.  Just think about all the toxins that are trying to get out when we sweat!  I’d certainly want that stuff to leave my body the way it was designed to and not get blocked inside.  When you think about it, our bodies really know what they’re doing before we get in the way with chemicals.  Be that as it may- I still don’t want to be smelly!  So that’s where this deodorant comes in.

giveaway, bella organics, vanilla mint, deodorant creme, sample size

In order to speed up the detox process, Bella Organics suggests you exfoliate your underarms and use a gentle soap on them in the shower.  They also suggest wearing natural fibers so your underarms can breathe, and eating a healthy diet that is low in processed foods.

Armed (hah!) with all this information, I’m starting up a new plan to detox from my big-brand-name antiperspirant to this natural creme one.  I’m thinking now is the time to detox, while it is still chilly out and I’m not sweating a ton.

My thoughts on Bella Organics Vanilla Mint Deodorant so far?  I really like the consistency (it’s cream, so you put it on the same way you would any kind of lotion).  The smell is really nice- not too perfumey and not too sweet.  It seems like the right scent for a deodorant, and they do have other scents you can sample in the .25 oz size.  I really like the ingredients, which are all natural.  No synthetic ingredients or chemically-made scents at all.  In terms of the smell control: so far, so good!  I’ll be watching to see how it goes when the detox period ends!

giveaways, bella organics deodorant cream

Bella Organics was nice enough to give me a full size Vanilla Mint Deodorant Creme to give away to one of my readers!  See the entry form at the top of this page to enter the giveaway (giveaway open for entries March 30-April 20, 2015). Good luck!

**I received this product in exchange for writing an unbiased review. All opinions are my own.  For more reviews or to buy, see the product here**

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